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New Event and New Venue [Oct. 17th, 2004|12:12 am]
Team Innovator
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Sorry to all those who have come here looking for new information in the last two months. Things have not been so good over here, with my car not running after mucho repairs I have given up on that mode of transportation for the near future.

Also, to let people know that I'm no longer going to working with nor affiliate with Jams Comics. Due to some conflicts with the manager I'm no longer running events or Leagues there. I would ask for people to not go there and boycott the store, but at this point it really won't matter since they seem to be self destructing anyways. Tony is now the Raw Deal Manager there so any questions about that venue should somehow go to him.

But, now on to the good news. I have found a new store local to me and have started a new league there. The store is Hobby Hangout. Here is the info for them:
Hobby Hangout
99A North St.
Salem MA
Store Manager: Christopher Keith
Raw Deal Manager: Keith Barriere
Phone # 978-741-0800

The new league I'm running there is on Fri nights starting around 6:30. The group there is good, friendly, knowledgeable of the game but are new so are still working out the kinks of their play. Anytime people want to stop by your more than welcome to come on down.

Lastly, We are holding a large tournament next weekend, Oct. 23. It's Halloween Havoc at the Hangout. We will be holding a booster draft at 1 pm and a regular smackdown event at around 4 pm. The booster draft is going to be $16 and the main event is free with the purchase of the booster draft. Otherwise the Smackdown tourney will be $5.

Prize cards include GRA: Bob Holly, GRA: Al Snow, the Osaka Venue and Suicide Strike cards.

For more info you can write to me here or email me teaminnovator@yahoo.com

Hope to see some of you there. Talk to you all later.
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Tournament Announcement [Aug. 6th, 2004|11:01 pm]
Team Innovator
We will be having a Smackdown Format event at Jams Comics on Aug 12th. Normal rules will apply and will be the usual swiss format. Prize support is a RAW IC BELT. This will likely be one of the last times you'll be able to get one of these belts since they have recently been announced to be close to out of print.

Start time is the usual 6-6:30 time. Entrance fee will be $5. Hope to see some of you there.
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Wow.. [Aug. 6th, 2004|10:58 pm]
Team Innovator
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Wakeland - Misconstrued]

So, it's been a long time since I've last posted any info in here. A lot has happen personally so I'm sorry to all of you for the delay.

As for Raw Deal stuff, things have gotten a little better. In the last few tourneys I posted 2 First place finishes, 2 Second place finishes and a Top 8 at RICON. I'm disappointed with myself because RICON should have been a top 4 but I made huge play mistakes against Barron that cost me the game.

I'll likely post a couple of tournament reports as soon as I find the result sheets that I wrote them down on.
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Team Innovator Invitational and Birthday Bash [Jun. 4th, 2004|10:06 pm]
Team Innovator
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Linkin Park - Numb]

This coming Thurs I'm hosting a tournament at Jams comics. With a small amount of players we will be giving away a free entrance to the Raw Auction Draft to be held on Sat. If enough people show up I'll also be offering up to second place a free entrance to the Replica Belt Event.

Wow, I just looked back some post and I guess I haven't posted about the big event yet. Here is the info in all of it's glory.

LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!

It's now official that Jams Comics and Team Innovator will be holding a Replica Belt Tournament on June 12th. Zev has confirmed 3 tournament cards to be given away, 2 for the Raw Auction Draft and 1 for the Main Event. Come one and come all to prove yourself at this event. There will also be raffles held during the day and many other surprises.

Doors will open at 10:00 AM. We will be having the Raw Auction Draft first and those who enter the draft will get a discount on the Main Event entrance fee.

Currently we are looking at a 1:00 PM start time for the Draft followed by a 4:30 PM start time for the Main Event.

Raw Draft: $25
Replica Belt: $15
Both for only $32.50

Prizes: Raw Heavyweight Replica Belt, Raw IC Belt card, Smackdown US Belt card and a Guest Ring Announcer: Big Show

Store Information is:
JAMS Comic Connection
435 King St. (rt. 2A)
Littleton, MA 01460-1275

Store Owner: Mike Tannahill
Raw Deal Manager: Keith Barriere

Hope to see you all there,
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League Events [May. 23rd, 2004|08:08 pm]
Team Innovator
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Evanescence - Going Under]

This week for the Team Innovator League we are going to be holding a Lethal Lottery. Every player is to come with a deck and their deck list. We will then be randomly assigning decks to different players. The first place will be given to both the player playing the deck and the person who built the deck. Be sure to build a competitive deck because at least 1 person will be recieving their own deck back.

This should be an interesting test of both player's building skills and playing skills. I ask that you bring a decklist so that the person who recieves your deck will know what's in it, as well as a check to make sure that no one modifies the deck they are given.
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Disposable Heroes [May. 23rd, 2004|08:06 pm]
Team Innovator
[mood |apatheticapathetic]

So, I traded in my bank full of coins and decided to make a trip down to RI for a Raw Deal tournament. I had heard from a friend that a US Belt was going to be up for grabs.

I get down there with a little time to spare and do a little playtesting. My B2B People's team gets hosed on pretty badly since it seems most people are playing Rules Are Meant To Be Broken. Thus, with what little knowledge I glean from this I decided to play the deck I built to deal with Rules - a no-action Rikishi.

Round 1 - Sanchez - BFM

This is an interesting game. I played Banned from Ringside then nuked his pre-match with the combination Calling You Out + Old School + US Belt. I get an early Lariat Takedown through. He plays a Ratings Booster into a maneuver and from there it goes all down hill. I play a few maneuvers and keep him away from the 20F he needs for Brothers. He does play a couple of Puppies to do some recovering. Finally it came down to me throwing a maneuver, he sustains it, I then It's Over for a second manevuer that he sustains with the rest of his cards in hand, I then played Victory Roll for the win.

Round 2 - BoD

I didn't have pen or paper to record names while I was down there so I appologize to who ever I played. This was a brutal game where he played My Sac. I then led with Raisin' The Roof, I'm Gonna Break You. I then called him out, made him play his calling Me out and his choices were to either grab my Old School, my US Belt, or my Banned From Ringside. The other pre-match cards I had were Stipulations. He chose Old School and then played his Smackdown Tag Belt to draw a card due to Premiere Smackdown Superstar. I then was able to pick two cards out of his hand, which had to be the worse hand ever. I played a LTD and it stuck and from there just whittled his hand down. I lost the Victory Roll to the LTD so I had to win with manevuers thrown. Eventually he had no cards left in arsenal and conceded the game to me. I was able to keep him at 9F for so long to keep him out of the dreaded Brother's range.

Round 3 - Rhyno

I made a big deal before the match of how much I love Rhyno's Stipulation so he chose not to play it. That was his mistake since most of my starter maneuvers are RMS. I nuke his prematch so he has Underrated and Funaki. In retrospect I should have given him the Taunt instead of the Funaki. In the end it was moot as I lead with a LTD. From there I throw a couple of Atomic Lariats. He finally plays a Grapple maneuver that I reverse with an Inside Craddle for the win.

At this time I'm scheduled in the top 2 to face the BoD player again. It is now that we find out that we are only playing for packs and that since we only had 6 players the US Belt would not be given away. This upset most of the players since this was supposed to be a belt tournament. Many of them rightfully asked for their money back and my opponent drops out.

In the end I play the only player left for 5 packs. I was severely disappointed to do so well in this tournament and not only was it not ranked by prize support was yanked because of it.

Round 4 - Raven

This match was done before it even started. He plays Chicago Street fight and I then nuke the rest of his prematch. I land the early LTD and 2 Atomic Lariats. I then proceed to drop another Submission maneuver and when he finally finds his Overhand Chairshot I drop the single Backslide for the win, me being at 29F after my Slide resolve and he being at 2 since his Overhand hasn't been successful yet.


So, not a bad showing since my last few showings have been so poorly. I was disappointed I wasn't able to gain a couple of ratings points since this wasn't ranked but that's the way it goes sometimes. From here I'm looking at maybe making a trip to a new venue in Abbington MA.
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Finally.. [May. 23rd, 2004|12:26 am]
Team Innovator
[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]

So, Thurs, before my deckbox was stolen, I decided to participate in the league event. I brought with me 2 decks to try out before the tournament, a Nidia deck and a People's Team. Nidia did so horrible I about cried, I had tweaked it from the Sunday version and it did even worse than before. So, I went with my other new deck. A Back to Basics People's Team design. The concept was a first turn Feeling Lucky to get the submission, then forcing through a Strike or grapple into either It Doesn't Stop, Edge's Spear or a High risk. With 3 maneuver types in play it's then another turn to get the 4th and to cruise in for the win from there.

I only lost twice for the night in 5 rounds. The first loss was to a Lita deck that happened to hit both her High End reversals on me. With a 35 card deck that is pretty much game. I had the 3 maneuver types out but a late game BTO kept me from the win.

In my 4th round I was able to get my 3 maneuver types in play on the first turn and went on to crush with a second turn onslaught of maneuvers.

I then faced Mark Laroche in the finals. He was playing BoD and Rules so this was going to be rough. What was even rougher was he was able to get to 7F on the first turn and then plow through we with 2 Atomic Lariats. People's Team doesn't have the Unique reversal set to stop that type of maneuver so down I went in pretty quick fashion.

The deck was interesting, even fun at times but it just doesn't have the legs to carry itself in an environment that has cards such as Atomic Lariat.

I really am trying to build up a good suprise Nidia deck, but with the deck taken and now I'm missing 3 good foils (Women's Belt, Special Kiss, Tough Enough) I don't know what to do.

My current plan is to possibly make it down to Disposable Heroes on Sunday but I don't know. Time and money will tell.
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Disappointments [May. 21st, 2004|06:12 am]
Team Innovator
[mood |disappointeddisappointed]

Last night I was disappointed. I was disappointed that somehow someone took a deck box with a Nidia deck that didn't belong to them. I'm disappointed that I will now be paranoid that my cards will turn up missing because someone either doesn't respect me or doesn't care enough to check their belongings before they leave.

If anyone should find that a Wrestlemania XX tin with a Nidia deck should have somehow fallen into their possession could you please return it to Jams and have them hold it for me. This deck wasn't much having never won a game but it is mine and I value the cards and the time I put into the deck.

Thank You.
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League Update [May. 17th, 2004|05:36 pm]
Team Innovator
We are having a League tournament this Thurs for any who are interested. It will be ranked but the prizes will only be packs. I'ld love to see some more people there.

Also, it is now official!!! Mark it in your calendars that June 12th will be the first ever Team Innovator Birthday Bash. We are holding a Replica belt tournament and will be holding a Raw Auction Draft also. Zev has already confirmed 2 prize cards for the Raw Auction Draft and another to add to the Replica Belt tournament.
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What a Weekend [May. 17th, 2004|05:24 pm]
Team Innovator
[mood |sadsad]

So, I played in my first tournament in a very long time at Knight's Quest in Gardner. It was a pathetic showing on my part, doing worse than I have ever done, including the first tournament I ever played in. I went 1-1 in the Single Elim with Edge and Christian. That was okay, 8 people and I make top 4 is always decent but it was still only one win into the day.

The real trouble was the main event. I took my tweaked out Goldust deck to a 0-4 showing. I was paired up every round, so I feel a little badly for my opponents because I gave them such a bad strength of schedule. My closest match was my last match because I actually had him down to 1 card before losing.

Round 1: Ian Taylor, Online Rules Manager - Rey Mysterio

Ian is usually a fun game and my loss in Single Elim was a tight match against him. Sadly this game wasn't even close. He was playing Back to Basics and dropped a first turn Redemption. I have only the Elbow in my hand that I can't afford to drop since he'll just continue onto a turn of doom. So, I pray to overturn reversals but nothing happens and he wins handily.

Round 2: Adam Sweenor - Stephanie McMahon

I've played Adam before so I know it's a tough game. Sadly, it's hard for a discard deck to run against someone who fetches a manevuer every turn. I never get going and just fold under the pressure.

Round 3: Matt Tompkins - BOD

Another member of Tapevest who is at this moment 1-1. He plays Elimination Chamber. I get an early F with a Lariat Takedown and use my only mid-match slot to get another with That's Gonna Leave a Mark. Sadly that is the only offense I get as he pulls my first JBI during the prematch with break you, plays a Lariat Takedown twice to be successeful, Commisioner Rules my second JBI and then proceeds to play Little She Devil 9 times to draw cards, plays 3 Twisted Smiles and then with his last Don't Hate Da Playa he uses the Little She Devils to plunge me out for the win.

Round 4: Unknown Assailant - People's Champ

I forget this person's name (Mark maybe) but he is playing Back to Basics which is not good for me. I actually get a good start with him trying for 2 Are You Feeling Lucky which the second one eats a JBI. I then play Panic Grab + Shoot Headlock to discard two cards from his hand. In the end it really didn't matter though since with B2B he is able to drop a manever on my head every turn and then play cards like It Doesn't Matter What Your Name Is.. to draw more cards and eventually even though he had only 1 card left in his arsenal I suffer the pin loss.

I did play some side games with my new Nidia deck. It was interesting when it worked but sad when it didn't. I only need to figure out a way back to the drawing board to build some decent decks again.
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